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The MBS Story




I see you making moves, crushing your goals and looking so d*mn fierce. You have places to be, planes to catch, and clients to see. You exude beauty and confidence, your outfit screams “slay” and your hair and nails are absolutely poppin’.

The only thing left to add is some sparkle to the light that is you!

I’m Sparkle Chanel: celebrity make-up artist, licensed esthetician, techn

ology specialist and creator of MakeUp By Sparkle (MBS). I created this brand for “ProGlams” like yourself: professional and glamorous individuals who make a statement without saying a single word. 

Makeup began as a hobby for me 17 years ago and now, it’s my entire life. So I know the need for makeup to work for you - not the other way around. My cosmetics line is versatile enough to take you from your office to your luncheon, and from your afternoon meetings right to that VIP cocktail party, without having to change face. 

You’ve got a full social calendar, and using makeup that takes time and focus is the last thing you need. That’s why I created a line that doesn’t require you to be a skilled makeup artist to create a masterpiece.

My makeup has graced over 10,000 beautiful faces, and there’s a reason ProGlams like you keep coming back. Whether you’re a novice or a pro at makeup, I want you to slay all day with looks as fierce as those stilettos you use to kick down doors!

All cosmetics are NOT created equal. So to lay the perfect foundation for your masterpiece, I formulate all my products to be hypoallergenic and paraben-free. They will always be safe and kind to that beautiful skin of yours. 

I created this brand 10 years ago with exactly you in mind, and I LOVE what I do. My customers create customers, and that is a huge honor in and of itself.

You’re already beautiful, smart, driven, and fierce. My makeup only enhances the glow getter that’s already inside of you. Place an order today and add some sparkle to your shine!