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  Sparkle Myers  Founder | MakeUp By Sparkle

Sparkle Myers
Founder | MakeUp By Sparkle

From her years of industry experience, celebrity makeup artist and owner Sparkle knows just how important it is to make every occasion special. It is this experience that has helped her create a premium cosmetics line for other makeup artists and every woman.

The MakeUp By Sparkle brand represents beauty and sophistication. We are a personal aesthetics company focused on giving clients celebrity status with exclusive lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeshadows and foundations. Our full line of cosmetics delivers a consistent look, every time. Each day women from around the world discover the MBS path to beauty.

What Does MakeUp By Sparkle Promise?

Beautiful eyes that take over a room…..Flawless skin that embraces the camera…..Lips that are irresistibly beautiful. MakeUp By Sparkle products will transform your look by upgrading you to star status with a complete line of multicultural face, eyes, and lip products.

All MakeUp By Sparkle products are Paraben Free, Non-Comedogenic and Hypoallergenic


Beautiful. Flawless. Irresistible.
MakeUp By Sparkle.